Yogi Table

Yogi Table

Yogi is the contemporary reinterpretation of the so called „Jogl“ table, the classic austrian alpine farmer´s table. The table originally comes from Joglland, a region in the north of Styria. In alpine regions, the table was always the social center of the room where the family met every day. The square shape is space-saving, as it can be placed in room corners, but still offers seating for at least eight people. The table top is made of four to five (depending on the size) solid wooden planks and is four centimeters thick. The legs are also made out of solid wood, and oiled or lacquered in your desired color. The table comes flat packed and is assembled and disassembled with only a few small steps. Please use our contact form to the right to let us know your preferred dimensions. 

Color palette

We have created our own color palette, based on the RAL and NCS color system. These shades harmonize perfectly with all shades of wood as well as with each other.

On special request we can coat our furniture pieces in any color from the Farrow&Ball© collection.

Types of wood

We offer all kinds of wood types that are growing in our forest, so basically everything that grows in a central european mixed forest. Have a look at our wood gallery or click here to find out more about the different types of woods and their specific characteristics.