Ribbon shelving system

The Ribbon shelving system is made out of powdercoated  steel brackets and solid wood shelves. The choice of color for the brackets, the type of wood and the lengths of the shelves are entirely up to you. Have a look at our color palette and wood gallery below to make your choice. The shelves are fixed onto the brackets with a simple connection- no screws needed. The brackets are screwed to the wall with two screws. Those are covered with a handmade brass cap. The caps can be coated in the same shade as the brackets as well.

Color palette

We have created our own color palette, based on the RAL and NCS color system. These shades harmonize perfectly with all shades of wood as well as with each other.

On special request we can coat our furniture pieces in any color from the Farrow&Ball© collection.

Types of wood

We offer all kinds of wood types that are growing in our forest, so basically everything that grows in a central european mixed forest. Have a look at our wood gallery or click here to find out more about the different types of woods and their specific characteristics.