Our first collection of table accessories, made out of solid pine wood. We are using wood that was damaged by storms and droughts, a side effect of climate change.  Cavetto has been designed by Klemens Schillinger in 2020.

Material: solid pine, stained black and painted in matte lacquer.

„ Cavetto“ is the name of the milling cutter that was used to produce the shape.

Cavetto is available online, in our showroom in Vienna or at Die Sellerie.


The amount of fallen timber, mostly softwood, has increased enormously during the past years due to the side effects of climate change – extreme periods of drought followed by heavy storms and bark beetle infestation. Additionally, monoculture has made our forests weak and helpless in the fight against these new factors. The amount of damaged timber in Austria in 2019 was a mind boggling 10 million cubic meters. We would like to raise awareness about the state of emergency that our Central European forests are in. But most of all, we would like to show the beauty and value of wood that is considered worthless on the commercial market due to oversupply.