One For Hundred is a new furniture label from Austria. We manufacture custom made solid wood furniture. All of the wood we use is harvested from our own certified forests in the North of Vienna. We go down a different path with our business – for every piece of furniture that we sell we plant one hundred new trees. The entire process – from “tree to table” in your home – lies in our hands. That’s why we are able to guarantee the highest quality, minimized pollution and complete transparency for you. Our designs are fresh interpretations of timeless typologies. The pieces of the furniture collection are highly customizable. You can choose your preferred size, wood type, colour and finish. Therefore every piece is absolutely unique.

Our forest

Our forest is situated about an hour north of Vienna, in the so-called “Weinviertel”. The forest is owned by the family since over two centuries. It´s our duty and wish to hand it over in the best shape to the future generations. Therefore it is our concern to cultivate sustainable forestry and to bequeath our children not only a blooming natural habitat but also a functioning, sustainable commercial forest.

The woodland consists of mixed deciduous and coniferous forests, typical for growing in this region. We make sure to keep a healthy mix of different kinds of trees and avoid planting mono cultures. This supports the development of a varied biosphere and helps to keep the soil healthy. Our forest is PEFC certified and comprises acknowledged oak populations whose seeds are used by tree nurseries.

From tree to table

The trees are cut in winter, when the soil is frozen. Every tree trunk is examined extensively and cut by hand by our specialists. This procedure garantees the optimal moulding and a maximum amount of annually produced timber. The timber is then left to dry over an entire winter, over which it is exposed to the weather and cold temperatures. Come spring, the wood is ready to be brought to our carpenter´s workshop where it is dried professionally in a dry chamber. This process takes about two months or longer and has to be done slowly and carefully so that the wood does not crack or start to bend. Only then the solid wood planks are ready to be turned into one of our unique custom made furniture pieces.

From table to tree

We plant one hundred trees in our forest for every piece of furniture we sell. No mono-cultures for industrial purposes, but healthy forests with a diverse set of tree types. The planting process is done in spring and autumn, both by hand and with the help of planting machines. We specifically aim to strengthen oak as a typical tree of our region and also try to establish different types of oak to account for climate change. Thereby we try to secure oak as a source for beautiful furniture for the next hundred years.

Who we are

One for Hundred was founded by Anna and Karl Philip Prinzhorn. Anna studied industrial design at University of Applied Arts in Vienna and at Designacademy Eindhoven and has worked for several top design studios throughout her career in Vienna, Prague and New York. Together with Karl Philip, who manages the forest in seventh generation, Anna developed the idea to start a different kind of furniture company. A company that not only uses resources efficiently but one that builds up the resource it uses. The forest has become the center of their life and after many years of life in cities like New York and Berlin they both moved into a hunting house in the middle of the forest.